Thursday, January 27, 2011

first week of spring semester

Hello lovelies, im soosos sorry for abandoning you :( 
my internet problem should sort out by saturday (as they say) 

this week was our first week of the spring semester! I started everything pretty well, im staying REALLY organized and trying to plan out everything in details that way I make the most with my time. 
 Ive been using iCal, which is beyond wonderful...this is what my schedule looks like for this week 

All my professors are asian, which I love! the Asian/chinese professor are the best, besides the accent after going beyond the accent problem everything else is GREAT. and most importantly, they care.
 my engineering professor however, is very very intimidating! he is a very smart Indian man. his accent isnt very thick, but someone told me his job there was to try to get those with not much "toughness" in them to quite engineering now before its too late! 
oh noo, Ive been through a good four years of engineering in high school with some crazyyyy teachers. we started out 20 people, 10 boys and 10 girls we ended with 8  engineering graduates (one barely graduating) and only 2 went on to further their education in engineering (I am one of them) the other person happen to be in my uni and all my classes as well. 

also, first year before you are "accepted" to the engineering college in my university their goal is to try to get you to quite as well, and let me tell you ALOT  of people did. 
so after all that, you know im not letting this dude come in my way, OH NOOO! 
my only non-asian professor is my spanish class professor :D he is awesome and soooo FUNNY! I had him last spring semester for spanish 101 and I loved that class, so I decided to take spanish 102 with him. the class was full, but since im one of his favorite students he gave me a "special" code to register to his classsss woho <3 

anyways, today was a snow day. we had another snow storm, it was wonderful :D I wanted to take some photos but I lost both of my memory cards :( agh!! wish me luck finding at least one of them! 

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  1. MashaAllah, Semms u r doing great wid ur studies! Hope u the best!