Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Henna stickers

Hello guys! well if you know me you know how much I LOVE HENNA! unfortunately , I cant get an Arab henna designer where I live so I decided to have some henna stickers be sent to me from Morocco and UAE. I was curious to try it, and so I did.
so this are the stickers I have, as you know I am reaaaaallllyyy in love with khaleeji henna designs, and I CANT WAIT to get a 100 pure khaliji henna (from a khaleeji girl) next time im in Dubai, untill then I will just keep getting what I like to call the "fake" khaleeji henna LOL. 
 First and most I made sure to wash my hands very well, to get rid of the oils and stuff like that to make sure the henna stains well and lasts longer as well!
 I than applied the desired sticker, I put the part thats suppose to be in the middle on the end of my hand going down from my pinky to get more of a khaleeji henna look :D
 I used a henna needle, in Morocco the henna designers use needles instead of the henna cone. the needles are much harder, but that is what I had so I used it to fill in the sticker

 and thats all, I waited until it dried and used a blow dryer to help it dry faster, and than peeled it off when it was completely dried!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Moroccan ghassoul for the body!

Hello dolls! so today I want to talk about moroccan ghasoul, I talked about this a few months ago but it was for facials only! today I have PURE mudd moroccan ghassoul straight from the Morocco and its for the body. This can be purchased at any Moroccan hamam (in morocco) or at the Attar (the herp man in morocco). 

 and this is what it looks like on the inside, they are just like mud rocks.

 each one is different size, you can take as many as you like, it all depends on how much ghassoul paste you want. for me here I only took one to show you guys how its done.
 I than mixed it with warm water, and it dissolves and mixes with the water

 You can use a spoon, a tool or simply your fingers and mix it around to make it easier, dont put too much water because you would rather have it be thick paste than all watery, when its completely dissolved and you find it to be too thick and you dont like that you can add little water! remember its better thick than watery! also, less is always more :D
You then take the ghassoul paste and apply it to your body, leave it there untill it is completely dry and hard, and than wash it off! enjoy the softness and how clean your skin will look and feel :D


Sunday, April 17, 2011

Bladi/ MY country

a lovely video with an even more lovely song <3 this is just the peak of Morocco, there is so much more of my beautiful country left to be seen.  ENJOY

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Hardship of females around the world

Hello ladies, I am currently watching a documentary on youtube about females going through many hardships, unfortunately this happens to most of our female sisters world-wide, its a very sad story that needs specially recognition especially world in foreign countries.  I wish I could help but untill then I want to share the documentary with the rest of you, my dear readers. please spread the word and lets stop this abuse today before tomorrow. 

Monday, April 4, 2011

big chuncky manly watches

Hey dolls! I hope you are all having a wonderful spring, even though its been raining,foggy and even snowy where I live, im still desperately waiting for the real spring to show up. I mean c'mon! the spring semester is almost over and I still havent been able to show off my spring clothes hehe. anyhows, one of my new favorite fashion trends are big watches! especially man watches, here is my first manly watch its by Invicta I really love this watch, I had to go get it re-sized at the mall but other than that Im in love with it, what do you guys think? is it a little too manly or is it what I think it is? let me know you honest opinion