Wednesday, May 23, 2012

My spring semester is OVAAAA!!
and here I am, blogging about yet another end of a semester. Cant BELIEVE next semester will be the start of my FOURTH year in university!!!! its so unreal, like wow? Ive been in this uni for 4 years already? granted, if I was another major, Id be graduating after next year, and I don't know try to find a job, get married? (super smiles) seriously though...just like most Arab females my age range I CANT WAIT TO GET MARRIEDDDDD!!! and I wanna have babies and all that glamor of being a wife and a mother, its hard but It will be worth it and I think im pretty fit for the job :D Anyways, back to topic its 4 years but in engineering I still have (hopefully) 2 more years left, it will suck if I have to go an extra year like most engineers do (or even more...scarrrrryyy) 

Furthermore, My grandmother is coming to America this Friday!! yaaaaayyyyyyyyyy :D the last time she visited us at our house in America I was in 8th grade middle school which was my third year of middle school, now I'm going to my 4th year of uni, that like 8 school years WOOOOWW time really flies, I'm too excited for her <3

what are you guys' plans for the summer? I have TONS of things planned out, but ill keep that a secret for now since I don't want to embarrass myself in-case my plans do not go accordingly, ill let u guys know when I am definitely sure about something

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Khaleeji Henna

Hi All, I hope everyone is ready for their final exams!!!!
So as most of you lovely ladies (that have been following me since day one) you already KNOW I have a serious obsession with Henna. IDK, it must be an Arab thing. When I went to Dubai, I was determined that this time I will be getting some khaleeji (the gulf arab countries)henna, as it seemed to have become my favorite design of henna. And to that I did, although I was not extremely impressed, the designs were nothing like Ive seen on the khaleeji girls...maybe cuz I had it done at a Lebanese hair salon by an indian girl?  and it should have been done somewhere in the heart of the gulf countries by an Emirati woman? I am not sure, what ever the case might be, I was not exactly ecstatic with the results. Though it want THAT bad, it was not as perfect as I intended it to be.
so there it is, what do you guys think? I mean I had to tell the lady to do something with the pinky since ive seen some nice khaleeji henna designs that were only on the pinky but it looked something different than what she did :( 
I would like to ask you, my lovely readers who are from the gulf, or is experience with such matter...WHERE CAN I get good khaleeji henna designs? 

(if you need to buy henna paste, I posted some sites below for you guys just click the picx below)