Friday, November 30, 2012

Moroccan girls are beautiful

One of the many sayings among the Arabs is that Morocco is knows for its girls....some things are good while others are bad. One thing everyone seems to agree is their beauty! now I've been to many countries around the world and every where I go I see beauty. However, in Morocco......MOST girls are just beautiful...their everywhere! now don't get me wrong, I don't agree with the saying that "All Moroccan girls are beautiful" no,no BUT I do see that A LOT of a big majority of them are very gorgeous. (Same goes for Lebanese girls)

However, beauty is not JUST a pretty face......

Many moroccan girls have this "thing" that just makes them beautiful even if they aren't too visually attractive you will fall in love with them, they are very feminine, they KNOW their power as a female and the power of the beauty of women on the world and they sure know how to use--very well! 

its the way they carry themselves, its the confidence, the elegance and class. its the way they love themselves and see their true self worth that makes them beautiful. Moroccan women know how to handle a man and that is why most Arab men cannot leave them alone. Many Arab females (and now males) have come up with the stereotype that Moroccan women practice black magic and that it why men leave their wives to go to morocco and find a young beautiful woman.....ARE YOU KIDDING ME? if you do still believe that, your either an illiterate moron living under a rock or just simply ignorant and cannot find another reason to try and make them look bad because your jealous. 

Now, the black magic issue is a different blog post, and YOU KNOW I have a lot to say about that non-sence. 

for now. lets get back to feminine goddess keeping that Moroccan woman going. Since I grew up in Morocco, I have learned the time and effort Moroccan ladies do in order to please their husbands. They prefer their husbands (and sons) over ANYTHING. They KNOW how to take care of their man, they are everything their man needs and wants and that is the SAME reason you dont see Moroccan men going to other Arab countries to cheat on their wives (like many arab men do) or marry multiple wives because they have everything they need, and in return the man treats his wife like a queen. Moroccan women do not look at pleasing thier man and keeping him happy as a chore, it pleases them to please him. They serve as wives, best-friends, lovers, EVERYTHING he needs and I think most women should be like this. you should WANT to take care of your man and if you like doing this its a win-win situation for both because trust me the man will realize the effort and treat you way like the best thing ever. Mind you, he will be coming back begging you not to be mad at him anymore if he does do something wrong hehe. 

Moroccan women just know what it takes to be  A WOMAN. and that's what men want they want a true and real woman! their physical beauty is just the cherry on top!  remember beauty comes from within!

Not only that, but they are real. forgive me if I offend anyone but most famous Lebanese girls are beautiful however they are FAKE. theyre fake because they ALL have the same personality and they all have the same looks (due to ALL of them having plastic surgery---I mean ALL) I said famous, please show me ANY Lebanese singer/star that acts real and human and like her poop stinks if you do not agree. 

Whole Moroccan girls are REAL females, the beauty get the attention the personality gets the heart! they're always laughing and positive and smiling and loving and NORMAL. they dont look down on anyone and thats what makes people love them.......and lastly they are SMART! and intelligent. they know what they want and how to get it....they can also speak every Arabic language (Khaleeji, egyptian, syrian) along with other languages.....lets see one of my favorite famous moroccan singers Mona Amarcha in here interview...speaking Egyptian. AND listen to her intelligent!!! 

Thursday, November 29, 2012


Hi hi!! 
as most of you my lovely readers already know, I am completely obsessed with traveling. I've always said since I was in high school "I will travel the world by age 40". lets just say that I have had the privileged to go to many amazing countries. sooo just in the summer I was thinking that Ive yet never been to any country in South America nor Africa (besides Morocco)....but Morocco doesn't really count. I mean it is an African country but its not what people think of when they say I went to Africa. So as I had the privileged to talk to my university's new chancellors she told me about a professor who will be going to Ghana to build a school! and shes looking for engineering students and I would be great if I go! and months later I have my ticket and hotel ready and waiting for me! I'm so excited for having the chance to go, for eating their food (its soooo good, my house mate is from there) and for being able to work on real life engineering work that will benefit people and the world, and for having the chance to change hundreds of young children's lives is the absolute amazing part of it all!

Do you guys love traveling? where have you been??? (it doesnt have to be a diffrent country, diff cities and towns count too lol)

have a nice rest of the week <3


Saturday, November 24, 2012

The eyes are the windows to the soul

If you asked me "if you had to take any beauty item with you on a stranded island what would you take" my answer would be 100% hands DOWWWWNN.....kohl--or eyeliner. Since I live on campus, I left my eyeliner there..I used a couple of old pencil eyeliners I had and I wasnt satisfied. . I, then,  decided to use my mom's which is a pencil eyeliner...I realized gosh I havent used a pencil eyeliner since 2010 and they suck!!!! 

 Like most arab girls, I like my eyeliner JET BLACK, and I like tons and tons of it, I like it to glide on smoothly and stay there allllll daaaayy!!! Thanks to one of my friends from morocco who gave me her "cone" eyeliner in 2010 after I complimented here on it. if you dont know what a cone eye linear is its THIS

I have been obsessed since. heres was from Saudi Arabia. It literately lasted me years, in fact I still have it but the tip is so round now that I got another one. I got one sent to me from Morocco and it was HORRIBLE, it even said "made in Spain" chaaa! if I wanted European eyeliner I would have got it myself from here without having to get stuff sent from morocco, it went on smoothly however it also went ALL over my face. it was smudging everywhere...HATE IT!

 so one day I was at this Islamic store in Boston where they sell stuff from Arab countries and I came by one!!! and it was 100% kohl without any chemicals and made in an arab country, I knew I found IT! thought it doesnt not compare to the one from Saudi Arabia, it did the job preeeettyy well. I bought it and used it mostly every day and I still have it now a year and months later :D and it was so cheap too! sooo if your interested in getting that exotic eye look, this is the type of eyeliner you want to go for. 

Another secret that ALLL arab girls know about is the actual kohl powder. this is the REAL kohl, the stuff that ppl use to make eyeliner and all, except its legit organic and is actually very good for your eye and has been used for centuries by men women and children to heal eye related illnesses or just ease any pain. when you put it on, it literately feels like mint for your eye, like so refreshing you get that "AHH" feeling, just like you washed your mouth with a strong mouthwash and killed all the germs. My grandmothers use it on a daily basis, my mom and all of my aunts, everyone I grew up with this is what we had in morroco...we didnt have the pencil or cone eyeliners that only became popular recently. THE only thing about it is, you have to apply it with a stick....and this is a very hard task for most people, especially if you havent done it before. I, myself, is getting better at it on a daily basis :)  like this: 

 and it looks like this: (well some modern ones do)
 Kim has defiantly gotten the Arabian eye correct!!

 This, is what it would most likely to look like, a small bottle of the kohl powder, sticks and a stick holder where you can also pour your powder inside
and lastly some more examples of how we like our eyeliner!