Thursday, January 27, 2011

Travel: Oman!

I decided to start posting about places I have been to, problem is MOST of my photos (especially the really good ones) I have on my older laptop, which just got formatted and everything is gone :'(
My only hope is my aunt's computer which is in Dubai lol and my cousin's laptop who is in canada. he has some of the photos from my camera stored on his laptop, so I just really hope that they will still be there when I go visit them!
anyhow, these are some of the photos still left, thanks to facebook lol. hopefully If I get my really good ones I will post another one.

This post is from our trip in Oman, the country Oman not the city Aman in jordan!
Oman is right off UAE, we drove a good two hours from UAE to finally crossing the border in Oman. all the photos here taken by moi, except for the one taken of me (cuz how can I take a pic of my self while my hands are both occupied lol)
enjoyyy :D

 this is before I started wearing hijab (january, 2010), So I had to crop :P

it was SO hard to take a clear photo of the dolphins since they are SO FAST! but uh, it takes a special photographer like meee :P lol

 My cousins swimming with fishies near an Island
 On our way back
 haha I had to do it :P
 The dolphin caller man

This is me, we were at the border of Oman entering UAE. really board. so we decided to get out the car and take some WONDERFUL PHOTOS (most of which I lost) but here is a surviving one lol. this was taking by my cousin.
 So as you can see, I was really really into photography and I still am but I hardly ever find time or I just get too lazy cuz it actually takes a lot of time and effort :D but I cant wait to start photographing up again just for you guys eh? 
overall, OMAN was such a wonderful experience, and I have so many other good picx like some too good ones that I was saving up to put on my photography page, but got too lazy to post them and now theyre gone :'( just pray my cousin still has them :)

first week of spring semester

Hello lovelies, im soosos sorry for abandoning you :( 
my internet problem should sort out by saturday (as they say) 

this week was our first week of the spring semester! I started everything pretty well, im staying REALLY organized and trying to plan out everything in details that way I make the most with my time. 
 Ive been using iCal, which is beyond wonderful...this is what my schedule looks like for this week 

All my professors are asian, which I love! the Asian/chinese professor are the best, besides the accent after going beyond the accent problem everything else is GREAT. and most importantly, they care.
 my engineering professor however, is very very intimidating! he is a very smart Indian man. his accent isnt very thick, but someone told me his job there was to try to get those with not much "toughness" in them to quite engineering now before its too late! 
oh noo, Ive been through a good four years of engineering in high school with some crazyyyy teachers. we started out 20 people, 10 boys and 10 girls we ended with 8  engineering graduates (one barely graduating) and only 2 went on to further their education in engineering (I am one of them) the other person happen to be in my uni and all my classes as well. 

also, first year before you are "accepted" to the engineering college in my university their goal is to try to get you to quite as well, and let me tell you ALOT  of people did. 
so after all that, you know im not letting this dude come in my way, OH NOOO! 
my only non-asian professor is my spanish class professor :D he is awesome and soooo FUNNY! I had him last spring semester for spanish 101 and I loved that class, so I decided to take spanish 102 with him. the class was full, but since im one of his favorite students he gave me a "special" code to register to his classsss woho <3 

anyways, today was a snow day. we had another snow storm, it was wonderful :D I wanted to take some photos but I lost both of my memory cards :( agh!! wish me luck finding at least one of them! 

Friday, January 21, 2011

DIY jewelry holder

Hello everyone! I hope do you are having a wonderful week :) 
okay, so I got an idea for making my own jewelry holder things on the wall in order to keep everything organized and to make sure I dont loose anything (like I always do) 
its really simple, I just bought little wall pins from walmart yesterday for a dollar something! put them on the wall in an organized manner and voila! 
what do you guys think of this idea?


Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Okay so recently I dont know what is going on with my internet. but apparently some of my favorite websites are like blocked or no longer work on my network :( 
I really dont know why, and blogger happened to be one of them so that is why I have not been able to post! 
its so weird, youtube, blogger and google do not work, however facebook has NEVER worked so faster in my life :'( 

so in the time im going to take a break and work on my schedules and stuff since classes start next week! wish me luckkkkkk, and see ya when my internet decides to be normal again SMH :P

Thursday, January 13, 2011

New Zodiac sign dates

Hello, so Im sure you've seen all the craziness going on with people REFUSING to have their zodiac sign change all of the sudden.
according to astronomers decided that over the years since the earth is not in the same place as before, the stars have shifted which means the horoscope signs are all different.
Only most leos are still leos haha!
well for me, when I was young everyone you looked I was a the last day of leo (my birthday is August,23) and than all of the sudden I became the first day of virgo! SO I was always in between and then I got used and accustomed to being a virgo, LOL I know it doesn't mean much, I dont believe in them but its always kind of cool. and y'know its kind of like someone saying oh your birthday is not the same, people ARE GOING MAD!

anyways, these are the new horoscope dates
Capricorn: Jan. 20 – Feb. 16
Aquarius: Feb. 16 – March 11
Pisces: March 11
April 18
Aries: April 18
May 13
Taurus: May 13
June 21
Gemini: June 21
July 20
Cancer: July 20
Aug. 10
Leo: Aug. 10
Sept. 16
Virgo: Sept. 16
Oct. 30
Libra: Oct. 30
Nov. 23
Scorpio: Nov. 23
Nov. 29
Ophiuchus: Nov. 29
Dec. 17
Sagittarius: Dec. 17
Jan. 20

as you can see theres a new sign called Ophiuchus 
LOL so what do you guys really feel about this? I know EVERYONE is pretty upset and refuse to accept it :P haha 

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Arab women trying to be like western women.

Someone suggested I blog about arabic women, and western women.
this is going to be a very sensitive subject, and some may not agree but I hope that you are willing to agree to disagree :)
so I asked the person, what exactly do I write about arabic women, the person said how a lot of arab women today are trying to be like western women instead of embracing their natural arab beauty. I agree and disagree at the same time.
I believe that many YOUNG girls are trying to be anything but arabs.
But again, not all. I myself dress mostly in jeans and shirts rather than jalabiya or abaya, but then again I live and grew up in America.
I dont know.

one of the girls that came as an example was Aseel Omran, the Saudi Arabian girl that pretty much "broke" all the rules to being a girl from Saudia (according to Khaleeji and most Arabs)

me, personally I love this girl, shes really cute she has a baby face with big beautiful eyes.
but how could she?
  • Show her hair 
  • wear jeans and t-shirts instead of Abaya
  • Wear makeup 
  • Marry a non saudi 
  • Be a singer 
  • Be in a singing competition
  • Be in a reality show for the rest of the world to see her in jeans and t-shirts? 
those are some of the things people in the Arab world in the khaleej area in particular say. according to Arabs, if a girl doesn't follow those rules than she is a wh*re.
wait what? so just because aseel omran is on a reality show with her husband, she is considered a bad person and a disrespect to the arab/khaleeji community. let me remind you that shes never overboard with the way she dresses and she never ever wears something that is considered "SEXY.

I think people should be open-minded and leave this girl alone! I do not see the difference between being outside and people can see your face and being on tv and still people can see your face, yet the one on tv is the "bad" one and the other is normal. if you are going to judge a girl for being on tv and showing her face as bad, than you should judge ALL the girls that simply show their face as bad. its called being a hypocrite.

anyways I hope I didnt offend anyone, that is just my own personal opinion :)
here are some more photos of aseel and her husband khaled :)

هي و هوTheir show which I love is called    

this is the trailer for the show

hope you enjoy

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

awesomeeee! designer stuff for cheaaappp

Hello lovelies! today I want to share with you this awesome website that I found.
this sites sells 100% authentic designer stuff (bags, shoes, watches, jewelry) EVEYRTHING is guaranteed new and 100% authentic and real. and it is the cheapest price evaaaaaarr! the trick is you bid on an item that you like, each iten has a certain time till it ends if you are the last person to bid, you win! its awesome, but obviously you have to buy bids first, also each time someone bids the timing on the item goes up giving people more chances to win.

 this is the link can sign up or can just sign in using your facebook account :)
ps. if you go there and buy bids by the link I give you, you will get free $10 worth of bids (that is 10 bids!!!) enjoyyy <3


Also this is a video that shows how it works exactly!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

I've been taged!!

Hello, okay so I was recently taged by Ghizlane , its a little questionar so people can learn more about you! so lets get to it :)

Why did you create your blog? 
When I was in Morocco this summer, I was obsessed with henna so I would google different kinds of henna designs, and than I found myself in a lovely blog, than more and more arab people blogs. after a few months of following and reading I was inspired to start my own :)
What sort of blogs do you follow? 
Beauty, Arab, Islam, fashion, and just any type of blogs really

What is your favorite makeup brand? 
of course Mac!

What are your favorite clothing brands? 
I dont have a favorite "brand", for me its not about the brand or the name but more about the style, the way it looks, and most importantly the way its made. I like something thats comfortable and was made with care, rather than something made with cheap materials, and mess up quickly.

Your essentials in your make-up?
as much as im interested in make-up. im not really a person that wears make up every day. I dont like having my face "painted" with foundation. one thing I do wear mostly daily (but never always) is eyeliner (black eyeliner, or khol) 

Your favorite color? 
I have a lot of fav. colors and they always change. PINK is always a favorite, right now I really love bright yellow, I like bright blue, lime, white, black.

Your perfume? 

What countries would you like to visit? 
Im planing on traveling the world, I am blessed to have been to so many lovley countries so far! 
right now my obsession is INDIA! i want to and need to and HAVE TO go to India ASAP :)

Friday, January 7, 2011

Arabic perfume

My last post was about my favorite perfumes, now I will discuss my NEW obsession! arabic perfume :)
they are oil based perfumes, all natural :) I don't have a big collection since I just started being obsessed with them, but heres what i have so far :)

this one was from a shop in Morocco (Moroccan arabic perfume )

This is from Saudi Arabia :)

And last but not least, this one is called KHAWLA from UAE, DUBAI.

One thing I love about arabic perfume (besides the smell) is the actually packaging and the look of the of it! its always exotic and prettyyyy. it looks just as good as it smells 

 and this one is by SWISS ARABIAN, which sells perfumes, colognes and bkhor :) 

 This my collection so far, hopefully it will be 10 times bigger soon :)

Thursday, January 6, 2011

My favorite perfume and body spray

Not only can scents make you smell good (or in some cases bad), but they can actually change your mood, and the mood of those around you.
it is always nice to have a signature smell, but you should try to change it up more, having a different scent once and a while can make feel fresher and less boring since you'll be used to the old smell. Please be aware that if you are a Muslim women, perfume in front of a non-mahram  is forbidden! (for more information on why please contact me)
anyhow, this is a list of MY PERSONAL favorite of perfumes and body sprays, I just love them :)

Some of my favorite perfumes......



 as you can see, its already all used up since its my favorite! I LOVE it, so do all my friends :)

 The new BEAUTY by Calvin Klein

 I love body sprays, they feel so refreshing!
these are some of my favorite body sprays....

Victoria's secret's Halo from the dream angels collection

SWEET DAYDREAM from VICTORIA'S SECRET. (Apple, Raspberry and Vanilla)

 this is MY FAVORITE BODY SPRAY, Country apple from Bath & Body Works. smells sooo FRESH!

(Vanilla, Orchid, Amber and Musk)

and last but not least; MIDNIGHT POMEGRANATE from BATH & BODY WORKS. this is my second favorite 
 I also got it with the shower gel (which is GREEAAAAATT) and the body lotion.