Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Back in America

Hello lovelies (: 
I am back to America, I had an amazing time in UAE!! I was planing to blog while I was there...however I forgot my blog password and I did not take my laptop (which has the password stored haha) 
I did  A TON of shopping!!!!! and a lot of tourist things, I took picx but most of the time I kept forgetting my camera either at home or in the car :( such a loser I am huh?

so heres a list of things I did there: 
-Visited Al-ain 
-Went on a desert safari
-Did khaliji henna
-Went to an all girls beach <3
-Bought a realllyyy AMAZING abaya
-Recied a ton of gifts from loved ones
-Went around the desert in a camel 
-Got a bunch of Arabic/khaliji CD's
-Went around the whole Dubai in the metro (haha took forever) 
-Eat all types of yummy foods of different cultures, especially the Arabic part (my mouth is watering as im writing this)
-I saw an a person of my past, that I needed to see and I feel that I had moved on past that situation in drama due to this meeting with this person! feels soooooo ahhhhhhhh!!!
-Bought Louis Vuitton speedy (FINALLYYYY) 
-Bough this amazing kaftan in purple which I am in love with 
-Purchaced and starting reading this amazing book
-I also bought some new makeup, and recieved an arabic perfume as a gift (so sweet)

ANNNNDDD I also met some AMAZING people, I love them all, got to learn so much from the UAE culture...seriously Emiraty people are some of the nicest sweetest people you just have to get to know them first before judging, sommeeee locals might seem as show offs and stuck up. but trust me, just get to know them and they will be soooo honored you came to their country and will go way out of their way to make sure you have an amazing stay in UAE ;) PRICELESS

ps.I will post picx soon!