Friday, December 30, 2011

On my way to Dubai!

Hey all, 
just a little update...classes are  overrrrr, my GPA went down to a 3.2 now :( so bummed about it but than again I AM  a third year student in the Engineering major with two jobs and I am involved in 6 different clubs so Im very proud of myself!
usually there are students who are still in there second year with out a job not involved in anything and their GPA is way lower than a 3.2 so not going to stress it, but than again I want to compare myself to the geniuses with a 3.9 instead of the people with a 1.9 lol.
Ive worked REALLLYY hard this semester, therefore I decided to give myself a wonderful vacation!!!!!!!!

somewhere warm, far and exotic and I also want to see loved ones, soooooo I though there is no  better destination than UAE! I heading to the airport in about 2 hours, I will be going to Amsterdam for a few hours and than to dubai I shall be there at 12 AM 2012!!! happpy new years everyone <3 I WILLL POST videos and TONS of picx no worries :)

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Cyber monday ELF haul

Sooo I just received my ELF order from cyber Monday! boy was I excited, they had EVERYTHING %50 so I decided to do a a little shopping here is what I bought: 

First I got this brush holder that has their logo on it, its so classy yet simple I really like it, by far my favorite item in this whole haul

 I got four nail polishes, (from right) Lilac, Light Pink, Passion Pink, and Nude

 Bronzer and Highlight

Lip brush and Eyebrows' wand

 Face (makeup) mist


 Face Primer

Setting Powder

 Eyebrow Kit

 Purple eye pencil (I LOVE THIS PHOTOOOOO)

And last but not least, face highlight thingy :)

So this stuff I just go tonight, so I did not get to try them out, but I will tomorrow and will keep you guys updated how I like/dislike each product etc. the only thing I tried were the purple and light pink nail polish and I LOVE THEMMM soooo much! ELF has such good nail polishes I swear! 


Tuesday, December 6, 2011

decorating your room with flowers!

Hey, so recently Ive became really into flowers, and plants that are rich in color. and this is why I purchased this purple beautifullll flower for my room

I think it makes your place look fresh, stylish and brings out some color which makes the whole room look better, key things that pop out in a boring room or space can really make a difference.

So go out get yourself some cute flowers with an amazing color and place it in an area that is "boring" or simply anywhere in your room and you will notice  the difference seriously! cant wait to buy more, but not too much since I want a room not a garden lol   


Monday, December 5, 2011

My new comfy slipper boots

Hey you guys! 
Im so bored and comfy at home, chilling in my room and listening to some music/watching youtube. I should really be studying right now but I DONT feel like it, hehe :P 
anyhow, im soooooooo comfy becauseeeee: (drum roll please) 

aren't they sooo freaking adorable, I love wearing them so much cuz they looks SO cute at home with some cute Victoria's secret pants/ shorts. and the best part is they are SOOO comfy as well, I wish I could sleep with them on :')
 here im wearing them with Victoria's Secret (PINK) yellow pants! ahh btw they have THE BEST yellow ever, I love everything they sell that is yellow :D 
thanks for reading

Sunday, December 4, 2011


Hey everyone! 
guess what Im so excited because after TWO weeks Im finished with my fall semester! YAY and that means vacation!!! 
so I recently booked my ticket for UAE :) I haven't been there in 2 years so Im excited to go back see my family and friends whom I have missed terribly. I cant wait to go shopping and most importantly I CANNOT WAIT till I go to the beach (an all girls beach) YAYYY! I haven't  been to the beach since I started wearing hijab, well haven't been in a bathing suit at least, so I cant wait :) I need to go bathing suit shopping (even tho I have more than I can count with my fingers), Im also going to put khaliji henna for the first time so im excited about that yay <3 
what is going on with you gals? are u doing anything exciting for ur winter break? 

 A pic that I took while there at the Opening of Burj Khalifa (: