Friday, October 14, 2011

I need a new camera

so I need your advice on something. 
what is a really gooddd camera for videos? 
I currently have this: 

its an AMAZING camera, unfortunately It does not take videos :( 
So I was wondering if you guys know of any good quality camera (HD) that takes AMAZING video (with the blurry background and everything) and that doesn't cost over $1000 lol :) Im sure there is something relatively cheap and very high quality out there, so the cheaper the better. if not that I might just have to suck it up and do a little shopping on a high quality camera ;) thanks in advanced 
xoxo -SL

Saturday, October 8, 2011



SOO0 before Eid I decided to do my own henna. and to my suprise it came out AMAZING lol...not bad for a second time ever doing henna? 

I learned the is to have a steady hand, I cant really draw either so that has nothing to do with it, just a steady hand. I supported my hand with my face lol and had my elbow on a hard surface....I went very slowly after awhile u get the hang of it, also when making the designs u want to press and while making the line of henna paste come out you move it around to creat the shape (almost like creating the shape  on air before it hits your hand) and this is my final results :) 
let me know if u have any questionsss

im backkk!!

 first I want to apologize for pretty much disappearing and leaving my poor blog unattended and totally abandoned it :( I SOWWYYYY 

Theres tons of new newsssss!!! yay, I started my third year of Engineering technology its going great, I found another Arab (shes new) girl in all of my classes, and I swear we are like the SAME. 
we have been inseparable ever since, shes a very gorgeous girl from Lebanon, she also wants to be an Environmental engineer (first person I met) and everyone that doesnt know me thinks were sisters lol its great.

I have been doing well in all my classes so far except my physics cuz my professor is a total douche bag.......what has been up with youuu???