Saturday, November 27, 2010

The dangers of black henna

Hi lovelies, so as you can see In my henna posts I have a pic of my self with black henna design.
I wanted to warn everyone out there about black henna,

First off let me clear out that I got my black henna in Jama3 el fena, (or how Americans like to call it Djamaa el fena)
and the chemical that makes black-henna dangerous and deadly is PROHIBITED AND ILLEGAL in Jama3 el Fena! yes, Police officer and make sure that the black henna is completly SAFE, if the chemical is found the designer is in big trouble with the law! and would face time behind bars!
this is the ONLY reason I trust having Black henna done.
 This is a henna designer in jama3 el fena square (I got this photo from google)

Havent you heard the news? 
  • if you are an arab women, you probably have heard of people having extreme health problems after applying black henna, and some even die! 
  • recently, a bride in UAE has died from this black henna
  • thousands of women and men have died from it
why is so dangerous about it? 
  • MOST of black henna contain a chemical called PPD (para-Phenylendiamine)
  • PPD is a dye that is used to make the henna past jet black, it also helps the henna stick to the skin more 
  • unlike natural henna that just sticks to the dead skin cells, PPD absorbes INTO your skin which  than goes into your blood, and off it goes to important places such as the kidneys. 
  • once PPD enters your body it will never leave, it there forever 
  • since everyone is diffrent, some people dont see any side effects while others have many complications 
  • although you may not have any side effects now, studies have shown that this chemical builds up with in time and MIGHT haunt you in the future 
  • I did have black henna before, and I am not sure if it contained PPD but I didnt have any side effect YET, but after knowing all this I wish someone would have warned me before. 
  • even though I didnt have any side effects, no one wants to know that they have this deadly chemical swiming in their blood stream right?! and neither do I want to have any side effects when Im older! 
  • soooo having said all this I thinks it is EXTREMELY, important to let all the sisters and brothers out there not to use this so called "black henna" even if the designers says "its safe", for all we know they just care about the money ;)

Friday, November 26, 2010

Moroccan Henna. Khaleeji Henna. Indian Henna.

okay, so like most arab girls, I am a sucker for henna!
I love love love henna!!! especially this last year or so ive been really into it!

 Here are some of my henna pictures from this summer (in Morocco)

and here are some henna designs I got from the internet: 

More Moroccan designs :)
  • Moroccan designs seem to contain flowers and leaves and the stuff like that
  • usually they do one finger (usually the Index finger) and work their way down to the hand
  • doesn't really contain that much details, really simple
  • usually ends at a little bit after the palm, but i like to tell them to make it a little longer
  • older women, usually get the whole hand done, full of designs
  • Also, as you can see in some of my photos above, the henna designers in morocco use REAL needles, they are sold at any herpes shop. you put the henna past and would have to hold the needle the certain way to get it out! which is quite difficult to do. and no! they dont hurt of anything, in fact the needle doesn't touch your hands :)

  khaleeji designs :)
  • I LOVE Khaleeji designs! the details are absolutely gorgeous
  • they seem to have more shapes and details than moroccan designs 
  • khaleeji henna have either clean and little bit of henna applied or a whole lot 
  • most khalleji designs do go further up in the arm, and during weddings it is traditional to have a lot of henna up to the elbow!

 Indian designs :)
  • Indian henna consists of a lot of details and work! 
  • usually the whole hand is decorated and it also does go above the hand and more into the arm
  • you can also see that it has a different color than the arabic henna

I hope you enjoyed! thanks for reading 
have a wonderful and safe day/night 
xoxo SL.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Traveling overseas?!? lets talk SKIN!

One of the most IMPORTANT factors to looking as beautiful as you can be is skin!
healthy skin=b e a u t y.

Now, if you are traveling by plane the last thing you want is your skin looking awful after long flights!

No matter how much make-up you apply, with what i like to call "airplane skin" nothing will look good! and if you are a traveler you will know what I am talking about! and I personally HATE HATE HATE the feeling of "airplane skin"!and lets not talk about the way it looks/feels and the color! agh!

  • Airplanes recycle air! (gross!) 
  • since this air is already used, it is bad for your skin and can leave your skin super duper DRY! :( 

  • WATER WATER WATER WATER - drink plenty of it!!!!!!
  •  use moisturizer, apply more than you will noramlly apply! dont worry, even if you have the oiliest skin it will most likely dry
  • make please sure the moisturizer  is the perfect size and is allowed in the plane that way you avoid security throwing it out! 
  •  Use a hydating mask!  leave on for 30 min. 
  • feel free to use as much as needed, the longer the plane ride the dryer your skin will be! 
  • Dont use make up before arriving the destination! 
  • if your a person who cannot go out with out make-up wear large sunglasses to cover your eyes
  • I also like to go in my sweatpants and a comfy top! especially if its a LONG flight
  • when you arrive destination, use the airport bathroom to get your self ready! 
  • apply makeup, fix your hair/scarf, make sure you smell well! 
  • change into nicer clothes or a nicer abaya/jelabiya
  • be sure to use blush to bring that natural healthy glow to your face! remmeber, less is more :) 

BAM! your are now ready to go out there and see your family in the freshest  face out of the airport

 P.S have a WONDERFUL and safe flight!!!


    Hello readers! 
    I hope that you guys enjoy this blog, please do excuse me since I am new to the blogging family :) my intention is to better educate people on different subjects from a Moroccan woman's point of view. the subjects will vary from beauty to religion to family life, Moroccan/Arabic/Muslim traditions and the such! I will also talk about helping some Muslim sisters living here in the United States or anywhere in the west! being a hijabi myself, I know it is NOT easy! but with faith inchAllah everything will be good. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE suggest to me ANY subjects that you guys wish for me to touch upon! I will be MORE than happy too :) thank you all for reading! 
    Much love and stay save! 
    xoxo-SL <3