Sunday, December 16, 2012

How I decorate my University Dorm room

University dorm rooms can look like a prison, but it all depends on you and how YOU make it look. Most people's rooms that I visit look so......unattractive. I wouldn't want to stay there. Lucky for me, I got placed into the apartments, which have a kitchen living room, 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms and showers (1 shower/bathroom per 2 people). But even that the rooms can look HORRIBLE. actually the whole apartment but again it just depends on the people living there. So, here are somethings I did to try to make my room more attractive and something I LOVE coming home to after a long day of stressful classes and meeting etc.

One thing that I hate is the lighting! Oh gosh especially at night, its so strong and yellowish everything looks ugly... so I bought this colorful light things and I also put Christmas lights, most of the time I just have the Christmas lights on because I prefer low "calm" lighting. 


I also have this cute lamp thingy from target!! its SUPER cute, I have my louboutin shoes hung on them so when I study I can look at them and thing "OH YOU WANT TO AFFORD MORE? STUDY HARDER STUDY HARDER" haha

 This is my makeup section and storage

 this is my makeup section, I also like to keep a little notepad near my bed because I like to write sometimes, or doodle, or write my goals lol

 In the storage thing, I keep some air freshener and febreez which you cant see here, I also keep clutches. In the photo below I have this thing from Fly Emirates (BEST AIRLINE EVER) and I just keep my nail polishes there

 I keep a plug thing near my bed so I can charge my stuff and my phone at night while sleeping. like my hello kitty?

 I keep a little thing of all my everyday creams and such.....

 I have face masks, lotions, night creams, hair serum, deodorant, makeup wipes, hair mask, sunscreen/ sunblock, baby powder lol, primer etc etc

 My desk, I have fake flowers that I LOVE...from Ikea. Camera (I FINALLY GOT ONE, now if only I can start recording) I also have two of my favorite candles...even if I dont light them they still smell amazing..and all the way to the left I have a little cute box filled with all my hair stuff (pins, hair strainer, heat protector etc)

 Some of the mess and my books. I also keep some traveling stuff (behind the two traveling hair conditioners things)

 I like to also put up my beautiful Chanel bag, since its yellow and helps add some color to my otherwise prison-looking wall. I also have some wall art from says "Always kiss me goodnight" lol

 I LOVE to use these little pin things to help my decorations stay up because the sticky stuff at target and walmart doesnt work -__-

 this is my awesome jewelry part,  I like to keep cute boxes from the jewelry gifts I got that year....

 rings rings rings....chaaaa

 This thing I got from a craft store and it holds my bracelets and some of my watches

I also keep some of the pillow things to keep my favorite watches on them


 My lovely perfumes...I have a bunch of lotions in the background (and some things from the hotel in Manhattan, Abu Dhabi and a hotel from New Jersey)  too but I dont really like them there, it just looks too much, Im still thinking of a neat way to store them all.

 I also put my towel robe thing on the wall because I like how it all ties up together.

And lastly, thats my closet, I hung a thing on the door to keep all of my colorful scarfs on to add some more color to my room...I also hang some of my bags on the colorful light thing that I got from target :D

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  1. oh i love all this colors would be a good idea to film a room tour xdxd


  2. wow that was a lot of pictures, but I really like your idea with the light, looks fab!

  3. Love your room - so cosy! Very jealous of those shoes! And the bags, and the watches and...everything!

    I'm new to blogging :), definitely will be following your blog!

  4. I want christmas light I always wanted one in my room. Your room looks beautiful and confortable. And I like the quote yiu have on the wall!

  5. very very lovely decorations... so nice..

  6. omg :O your MK watch is mashallah gawjus!!! love it ;)

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  7. hello! I'm in love with your nice bedroom, really :) I was surprised to find a moroccan fashion blogger though :) I'm an italian girl but my mommy is from marrakech so i LOVE morocco :)
    Love XOXO

  8. i like your parfums sister

  9. wow I am loving the whole makeover!! mashaAllah! u must be living at peace now in ur room
    Follow my blog too :D

  10. AHHHH you're a Chanel junkie too!!!! <33333

    follow? i'd be really grateful.. <3

  11. Your room looks cool, very individual. I just posted about my Uni room, take a look and see what you think :)

  12. i love your room <3