Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Dorm room tour

Okay so this is a video of my dorm room and how I decorated the ugly thing lol. I decided to make the video in Arabic since not many people have dorm room videos in Arabic....even though my Arabic sucks lol. let me know what you guys think!


  1. Salam sister, this video is sooo cute! I am learning Arabic and I was so proud that I understood almost everything! YEAH!

  2. Salam sister, such a cute room from the looks of the thumbnail. I've just joined youtube and i'd be really happy if you checked my channel out and subcribe to it! it's on my blog.

    i'll keep yours in mind, as i'm currently in islamabad and they've banned youtube here.. hence i need to wait til i go back to my hometown. :(

    in the meantime, check out and maybe follow my blog? <3

  3. Salam , That looks very great , nice room !!
    I'm also a morocan, but I life in Holland
    Like your blog, I follow you !!

    Baslama !

  4. Ahhh lovely Decor even if the room is too small but u made a great job :)
    we can follow each other