Saturday, December 1, 2012

Rihanna's new perfume

Hey <3

So, I'm not really a big fan of getting celebrity perfumes. They suck, and most people ONLY get them because of the actual celebrity and not the perfume. But I do like to go around and smell their perfumes at the store just to see which one sucks more. I, however was surprised completely to see how GOOD Rhianna's perfume OMG its AWESOME! she has a red one and a black one (cant be bothered to remember the names) BUT they were both so good that I didnt know which one to get so I decided not to get any. 

I went to the mall again, and this time if you buy one large perfume you get this AMAZING clutch and I didnt even care about the perfume that clutch was sooooo cute and a shirt with her perfume logo "Reb'l"  or something but it was so simple cute....again I was stuck on which one to get so I decided to get the red one because I love the color red :D IM SO HAPPY WITH IT! I actually ended up getting a kit which has the large size perfume, a small travel one, lotion and body wash with the clutch and the shirt all for a little under 100! seriously Rihanna has made me PROUD!

 The two red things in the back are the lotion and body wash :D Also, the box with her face is the awesome box it came in

 And this is the amazing clutch that I LOVE, it has a bracelet thing stuck to it!!! I LOVE IT SO MUCH :')

I wore it for an event soon after getting it :D




now its actually on sale !! ahh I wish I got it then. Click on the pic below if your interested in buying it, its $39.00 now!! (I dont think it comes with the bag anymore, it was limited time)



or if you want the baby one to try it out: (its $35)



or or or, even better the gift set...which has the perfume I was talking about this is for only $31.50 in the khols online website, again just click the pic below 


I hope this was helpful, if your not sure about the perfume or dont want to take my word for it make sure u go in the store and smell it first, then come back online and buy it since its so much cheaper <3 for those of you who have it...what do you think?

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  1. Oooh I have to try out rihanna's perfume :)
    Great blog Xx