Thursday, January 2, 2014

Happy New Year

Helloooo my loves,

I really really really miss you all and miss blogging. 

But what can I do, Engineering school has really taking me away from all of my activities outside of it, and consumed me into its giant stomach. 

I had a life, just not my normal everyday life. Suddenly I found myself surrounded by structural analysis and differential equations, and with that came the engineering DRAMA. yes real life drama!!! 

Since I am on my winter break now, I want to update you all a little about my life and what has happened to me in um the past 2 years. 


1. The Engagement 

I found myself engaged to a future neurosurgeon from Abu Dhabi who loved me so much and treated me like a queen (that I am). His mom and dad LOVED me, and I loved them sososo much, God knows how much of a big place they took in my heart. His sisters, well 5 of them didnt like me as much, I still do know why. My only guess is because I wasn't one of them, you know from UAE. Not only that but I was  a Moroccan-- you know what they say about Moroccans in that region--sluts,whores,hookers, man-eaters, gold diggers, black-magic practice-rs --you know just to name a few. 

Its 2014, I dont believe that Arab females really think that Moroccan girls are all evil witches that look beautiful and dress elegantly and carry themselves like queens that know how to treat a MAN (at least they dont deny those facts if you ask them), I just think they are merely jealous. Same with Lebanese, the whole Arab world knows how beautiful Lebanese girls are, yet you have some girls talking bad about them--jealousy kills. 

So, I called off the wedding. We were going to get married in May 2014. His sisters wanted to come between us, create fights and even fight with their own brother every single day over me. And what did I ever do but try soooo hard to make them like me, to make them see me as a girl who truly loved their brother, who will do her best as a wife to make her husband first above everyone else, to treat him like a king, I was ready to give up my life to make him the happiest man on earth. But I guess they couldn't see that, and soon after distance came in between us, he was surrounded by them and gave in, and gave up on me. Suddenly, he was becoming more and more of a person who I did not recognize. I wasn't going to be that evil bitch that came in between him and his sisters. I am a true believer that family come before anything else. My friends and family told me who cares? Dont give up, why do you care about his sisters, dont let them separate you. But to make a man choose between his lover and his family that hes known for all of his life was something that I am not about. And so, I let if go.

I realized, that is not somewhere I belonged. and don't get me wrong, its not like I just randomly told him NO we cant do this. I tried my hardest, but I refused to make him pick my side, or at least see my side for that matter. I never discussed his sisters in any negative light. and So they won. After all, they were only looking after their brother, and it saddens me that they have judged me FOR NO REASON. but I cant make someone like me, I can sit here and say I dont care if people dont like me. Actually I do care, well when it comes to people that matter at least. 

Oh, well. at least I'm over his now. He recently talked to me, we are friends but thats it and I like it that way, he is a great guy and very respectful and Lord knows we both deserve better!! so I cant wait to meet my future husband hahahahahhah 



  1. I totally understand you, architecture (which can somehow be "related" to engineering) takes all of my time, all, I barelly have time for myself so I understand you.

    SubhanaAllah, you are such a great persone, really, and at the end in my opinion you made the best decission, for everyone of us family comes first, and you let him free in that matter, others will tell you, no go for him, take him to your side but at the end, family prevails. Who knows, maybe with the time their sisters realize the effort you did so they value you most, till then don't rgret anything.

    OMG! I didn't know Moroccans have that "fame", hahha I gues I'm half of all that since I'm half Spanish half Moroccan, anyways, it's so sad people think like that nowadays.


  2. الف مبروك
    فين صور الخطوبه بقى؟

  3. Wow you've been through quite a lot!! Alhamdulillah you were able to recognise that the (future) marriage would have had problems and got out then instead of it going ahead with it which would have been harder if their behaviour persisted. Lol @ meeting your future husband - insha Allah!